Brian’s experience in the broadcast business spans 35 years. He has been a dee jay, program director, salesperson and a general manager/partner in a small broadcasting radio company. Brian, the founder of the DollarSaver, created the prototype for the DollarSaver while running a couple of small stations in upstate New York. Since 1992 Brian has been perfecting the DollarSaver and franchising it to radio and television stations. Brian loves to repeat something a sales manager in Florida once told him, “The fact your company doesn’t get paid until my station makes money speaks volumes about what your company is doing.”

For over 35 years Brit has been a hands on broadcaster in medium sized markets in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. His experience includes sales, sales management, general manager and owner. In 1994 Brit's stations became the first radio franchise for the DollarSaver program and consistently delivered $150,000 to $200,000 per year in "non-traditional revenue". Brit found that not only was he able to convert non radio advertisers into cash advertisers, but he was also able to get regular cash advertisers to spend more! The DollarSaver also became an on going on station promotion that thrills listeners to this day! Brit is Vice President of Sales and co-owner of the DollarSaver program.