……Founder Brian Phoenix pointed out that  “Every station in every market has, at one time or another, unused inventory. DollarSaver is a way to turn that inventory into cash while also generating new clients and rewarding listeners for tuning in.”

……It isn’t recommended that you use DollarSaver as a primary sales tool, but rather as an option. Offer DollarSaver when you’re convinced the reluctant prospect you’re courting is perfect for your station (and vice-versa), when you want to encourage an irregular Radio user to become more consistent, or when you want to reward a steady client with a surefire success tactic.

…….DollarSaver is an ongoing direct sale listener response program that generates clearly measurable advertising results, new revenues for the station, and strong listener loyalty. It gives Radio’s old dog, barter, a fresh new bark. In this way stations have been able to prove to skeptics that Radio works (earning substantial long-term business in the process) while providing a desirable service to listeners and generating new revenues.

……DollarSaver can add a significant hunk of cash to your revenue stream. In the process it can help you convince die-hard Radio non-believers that Radio works, it can turn on-again/off-again advertisers into steady clients and it can enhance your relationship with your better clients. There’s a benefit to programming too: Listeners become more active, involved and likely to remember your calls.

……Lots of stations are currently selling discounted certificates on the air through their websites.  It’s lots of busy work for the already short-staffed stations and that keeps the money from really rolling in.  The DollarSaver program is doing online business now with stations from Maine to Arizona generating exchange based revenue through station's websites by posting local merchant's certificates that sell for a discount.  There's no billing, no receivables, no affidavits to send out and the certificate prints out immediately after the transaction is completed! The listener pays for the client's advertising, in advance, via the radio station’s website and The DollarSaver’s sophisticated e-commerce site does all the work!