"How does your station make money? "
Your station sells bartered items through the DollarSaver e-commerce website. The net receipts of those sales create a non-traditional revenue stream for your station.

"How is the DollarSaver program compensated?
DollarSaver is 100% commissioned based. As the DollarSaver makes your station money we make money.

"How does my station get paid?”
At the end of the month the total sales for your station is tabulated. Your station is mailed a check along with written documentation of all sales for that month. Along with the “total sales report” your station receives a “sales person report” that breaks down sales by sales person for easy commission payments.

"My station's staff is very small. How could we add anything else to their daily duties?"
There are no additional duties for your sales, and administration staff! All the extra duties are performed by the DollarSaver.

"How will this affect my cash business?"
It will not hurt your cash business. In fact the DollarSaver program is designed to increase your station's cash advertising! The DollarSaver experts will help you manage your sales staff's efforts by turning non tradional advertisers into cash clients and increasing some of your current client's budgets.

"How will this affect my programming?"
This is a very positive on-going station promotion. Your station is saving it's listeners 30-50% off items they shop for everyday!